As a homeowner, you don’t want your house to have foundation problems. They’re the horror stories that every single homeowner wants to avoid. But, though you might examine your exterior for huge cracks, sign’s that tell you’ve got a foundation issue don’t always come from the noticeable foundation. Your house can often be trying to tell you of foundation problems in more minor ways you may not expect. 

Pay Attention to Your Chimney 

Another telltale sign of foundation problems is movement in the chimney. Your chimney could entirely collapse if it shifts too much. This will pose a dangerous threat to your property and family. Contact an expert right away to get your chimney fixed and stabilized if you see that your chimney is looking a bit off-kilter.  

Examine Sources of Mold 

If you see recurring mold in the corners of walls and windows, it could mean that moisture is collecting in your house, just like mildew in your basement. Examine areas that are prone to mold to rule out any foundation-related gaps and cracks that could be allowing water in before you break out your dehumidifier.  

Drywall Cracks 

You’ve got an actual serious issue if your foundation problems have developed enough that you’re having drywall cracks. This is particularly true if an extremely big crack has revealed. Oftentimes, the drywall is flexible. Thus, it could withstand extremely minor changes. However, a major problem in the foundation is influencing it if your drywall is cracking.  

Uneven Flooring 

You might not always look to the foundation if you get a raised area in your hardwood or several tiles come up. The reason for this is because it is on your floor. However, you should look at your foundation. Raised flooring does not occur without any reason. Though it can be a problem with your flooring, it is crucial to ensure it isn’t an issue with the foundation influencing the flooring and the floor.  

Stuck Windows and Doors 

Foundation problems will likely not be your first suspect if windows and doors no longer smoothly close. Instead of your home having foundation problems, you might probably think that the wood around the frame is warped or swollen. However, you should be suspicious of your foundation every time these entryways stop working as it used to.  

You should look to the foundation first if your house is having any of these apparently minor issues. A San Antonio Foundation Repair service might be able to stop the problem from getting much worse and massively more costly to repair if foundation issues are caught early on.  

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to foundation problems. If you neglect it, a faulty foundation will only turn into a more costly issue. It will also turn into an issue that’s much harder to repair. It might be ideal to contact an expert to put your mind at ease and save you a lot of money if your house shows any of these minor signs of foundation issues.